Quick FB reaction to first shift on Chios

All the different Facebook status updates I’ve thought of over the last 30 minutes after working a 5-hour shift upon arrival in Chios tonight. I put them all, because even this doesn’t capture it:

– Shit got real. Fast
– I’m not sure how I can write about this without losing it
– What words possibly exist to describe this?
– You’ve never felt so elated in your life when you dig through a box of shoes where you gave out the last pair that would fit a 5-year old an hour ago, but there is another 5-year old standing next to you that doesn’t have any and it’s 40 degrees (5 C) outside and will have to go without, but are able to somehow, in some dark corner, strike gold with a pair that will fit
– You don’t want to stop working for fear of collapsing (for any number of reasons)
– This doesn’t break your heart, but smashes it into a million pieces
– You can see the best and worst of humanity in a matter of five minutes
– I will get numb to this, but why in hell should anyone?

I will do my best to write where this comes from, but damn… And I realize that people do this type of work all the time all over the world, but this is my first foray and, while expected, still (obviously) jarring

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