Information on how to support Chios refugees

For those of you who wanted to support the efforts over here on Chios, I have developed some options for you to do so.

The first is a GoFundMe campaign that I set up. With this, I will collect the funds and directly buy/support what is most needed here on the ground in a given moment (explained on the website). The number is arbitrary. I will spend whatever is sent this way.

If you are uncomfortable with this option, there is a small volunteer organization called A Drop in the Ocean, which does work on the beaches that could use your support.

And, lastly, for those of you want to send items, you can do so to the following address: Chios Solidarity, Panagias Letsenas 52, 82100, Chios, Greece. I would ask that you only send the following items (because we’re inundated with everything else and will be for months): jackets, shoes for larger than 5-year old up to adult, socks, underwear and small/medium sweatpants. What would be an amazing help is if you labeled the boxes with what is inside.

Thank you so much. Whether you support in these ways or not, just know that your following this means a lot.

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