Final GoFundMe purchase list

My last day of work is in the books and I honestly have not had time to think about it yet. That will be for another day and for another post.

I finished spending all the GoFundMe campaign contributions. All the purchases have been distributed except for 200 baby bottles, which I’m still waiting to arrive. I can say that the Tabakika clothes inventory has never looked so full and the clothes boutique and containers are bursting at the seams with all the items we are normally missing. Strong work everyone and, again, a hearty thank you! I will update the exact amounts spent on the GoFundMe page in the coming days, but here is a list of what was purchased:

A minivan full of biscuits/cookies (for kids; I kid you not)
4,600 pairs of heavy socks (men, women, children)
769 pairs of sweatpants (men, women)
500 pairs of underwear (men, women)
300 winter hats (men, women, children)
125 pairs of shoes (men, women, children)
78 plastic boxes for clothes boutique and container storage
32 sweatshirts
26 kids winter jackets
200 baby bottles
2,500 plastic bags for people to wear when shoes are drying
2 days of car rental to transport all the above
Gas for said car rental
2 taxi rides for elderly refugee couples to move from camp to camp
Packing and masking tape
Lamination for volunteer policies and procedures documents
Support to volunteer kitchen

Something else worth noting is the strong uptick in police presence around the island. Both Frontex and the Greek police are making their presence known very strongly and are more visible now than ever. Volunteers are being questioned and asked for their passport information and a few were arrested yesterday during a misunderstanding (or maybe not). Military jets did fly-bys for the first time since I arrived. Another nice weather day went by with few arrivals (50). I wonder if this is the beginning of the EU/Greece trying to shut down their borders. It’s really unclear (as with most aspects of this refugee crisis) what the purpose and rationale are for anything that is being done. And it changes every week.

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