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Today was a slow day and I only worked an 8-hour shift, because, again, the seas were rough and no refugees arrived.  The last refugees in residence at Tabakika were being processed at the end of the day.  Just means that even more will arrive whenever the next time the seas do calm down.

We had a badly needed volunteer coordination meeting this morning.  I will write more about the volunteer situation in general another day.  Three of us then went to the port area of Chios where the first refugees began to regularly arrive more than a year ago.  There is still a staging area that has not been used in some time, so we went to organize it, prepare a small clothes distribution center there, so when/if refugees arrive in that area, their clothes needs can be addressed more quickly.  Will just leave you with a few photos from the day.  I don’t carry my real camera around, so just from my phone…


View from the staging area


Main sleeping tent when there are refugees here


Maps in Arabic of Greece/Europe to help the refugees know where they are


Inside one of the constructions of the staging area where people slept for a time. The walls are pretty much entirely covered, but mostly is in Arabic.


You see this some parts of town. Locals not wanting refugees to walk near their houses.


View of parts of the city of Chios


You can see Turkey in the distance

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